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Savage Swordsmen: Zorro (Part One)

Before I get started building Zorro as a Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion character, I'd be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the existence of a perfectly functional Savage Zorro build possible with just a Novice Savage Worlds Explorer's Edition character.  It hits all the high points of the character in a few broad strokes and would be perfect for a normal, adventuring party-type game where there were multiple players (or at least, where the Zorro had a few henchmen along on his adventure).

The reason I don't feel that a character like this is acceptable as the solo star of a one-player game is for two reasons:
The dice probabilities of Savage Worlds are totally crazy.  It is completely possible for a single Savage Worlds low-level goon to kill a highly-experienced character with a single attack if the dice explode in his favor.  This is fine if you want to fudge the dice, but I've really gotten bored with that over my approximately twenty years of game mastering.…

Grant Morrisons Batman for Savage Worlds

All Attributes: d12+2
All Skills: d12+2
Edges: All

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Today is the birthday of Robert E. Howard, creator of Conan the Cimmerian, Solomon Kane, Kull of Atlantis, and many other immortal characters. He was, with J. R. R. Tolkien and Fritz Leiber, one of the three fantasy writers who most inspired the creation of the original fantasy role-playing game. He was also a fellow Texan.

He said that his poem "Cimmeria" was inspired by a winter visit to Fredericksburg and the Texas Hill Country. Since I'm composing this on my phone, I'll just provide a link ( and a photo. I have no doubt this is the view Howard had in mind when he composed his poem.

How I Became a "Wino."

Learning Curve

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I love Savage Worlds. It has the mechanical simplicity of West End Games' Star Wars or Eden Studios’ Unisystem with the character customization of3rd Edition D&D.It is, by far, the most entertaining RPG I’ve ever run.
It is, however, not designed for single player play.
Single-player games have challenges quite different from those geared toward teams or adventuring parties.First of all, unless the player really, really enjoys making characters, then the GM is going to have to employ plot armor of some sort to keep the PC alive.Secondly,unless the GM really, really enjoys running the same kind of stories, then thePC is going to have to be multi-talented.The answer to both problems is to ensure the PC, from the beginning, is as skilled and tough as the average cinematic or literary hero.
Any skill-based system, even one with as limited a skill list as Savage Worlds has, is going to have issues modeling polymath heroes like Batman, Conan, and James Bond (but most level- and cl…

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