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Awesomely stupid Conan RPG idea

If Pinnacle was ever to get the rights to produce a Conan RPG, then they should do a follow-in-his-footsteps Plot Point Campaign like their Solomon Kane release. The gimmick that unites the PCs this time?

They're all Conan's bastard children.

Game Wine: Bending Branch Souzao

Souzao (pronounced to sound like Billy Batson got punched halfway through changing into Captain Marvel) is a Portuguese grape usually used to make port. The flesh of the grape is nearly as dark as the skin, making for deeply-colored, practically opaque wine. I had never heard of it until visiting Bending Branch Winery in nearby Comfort, Texas, but it has quickly become a favorite of mine.

I'm not much of a wine taster yet (but I know what I like) so describing the taste is difficult for me. The label promises blueberries, blackberries, sweet pipe tobacco, white pepper, smoke, and earthy rhubarb. I readily admit to the wine's complexity, but complexity is the reason we drink wine; what other seemingly simple refreshment contains such nuances? I definitely taste the tobacco, smoke, and white pepper. I enjoy wine best when it reminds me of other vices, like spicy foods and smoking. I have no idea what rhubarb tastes like, so I can't comment on that, but I swear I taste…

Anguish in Action

I'm stupidly proud of the Anguish rules, so let's try them out.

Douglas Flynn, a Wild Card who amazingly has the same statistics as a Skilled Duelist from Pirates of the Spanish Main (p. 224), is at a party with the haughty Maestro Sabatini, a Master Duelist extra. Flynn seeks to advance his fame by challenging the older man to a duel, but has so far failed to gain the fencing master's notice.

Round One:
Both characters have Quick and are able to discard Action Cards of 5 or less. Flynn draws a 3 and a Queen. Sabatini draws an 8. Flynn leads with a Taunt (d6) -- "Well met, grandfather! It is good to see an old man so lively in the dance." -- and rolls two 4s; Sabatini resists with Smarts (d6) and rolls a 2. Sabatini stands on his dignity -- "Do you know who I am, sirrah?" -- and counters with Intimidation (d10). He rolls a 2 and Flynn resists with his Spirit (d8); Flynn rolls a 1 and an 11. He is not impressed.

Round Two: Flynn draws a Joker and …

Setting Rule: Anguish

Setting Rule: Anguish (New Hazard)

Tests of Will

...To make a test of wills, the character makes an opposed roll against his chosen target. The defender uses Smarts to resist Taunt, and Spirit to resist Intimidate.

A success means the attacker gets a +2 bonus to his next action against the defender during this combat. A raise on the roll gives the attacker the bonus and makes the defender Shaken as well. This can be a great setup for an attack, a trick, or even a second test of wills if the first one didn’t get a Shaken result.
[Savage Worlds Deluxe, pp. 75-76]


In some Savage Settings, words cut as deep as steel. It may be scheming courtiers in Heian-Kyo or catty debutantes at Almack's, but they'll use Intimidate and Taunt* to defeat their foes as decisively as any swordsmen by inflicting Anguish on their opponents.

Anguish is a Hazard -- a source of Fatigue, just like Bumps and Bruises, Hunger, and Thirst. In non-combat scenes, successive Shaken results in tests …

I wish...

I wish I'd written this awesome post at Comics Alliance about Larry Hama's "G. I. Joe: A Real American Hero" comics (the one true G. I. Joe continuity).

And I wish I'd written Robin's previous post, because it was awesome.

Being the Single Savage