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Setting Rule: Self-Improvement

Way back here I spoke about how romance stories are about self-perfection.  Buried in that post is the assumption that Savage Worlds -- like Unisystem, the RPG system I was using before switching to Savage Worlds -- allowed for players to buy off Hindrances taken at character creation with later Advances.  A recent closer reading of the text showed me that isn't true, but it really should be for a setting like Regency/Gothic.

Setting Rule: Self-Improvement

Players may choose to rid characters of Hindrances by spending Advances.  A Minor Hindrance costs one Advance; a Major Hindrance costs two.  The GM may determine it is not possible to buy off all Hindrances in a given setting depending on sociological and technological limitations.

Self-Improvement may have different trappings depending on the setting.  While psychological Hindrances like Big Mouth and Doubting Thomas may be removed by having the character simply learn better, physical Hindrances may require more consideration.  …

The most Savage Worlds comic ever? (Except for the Deadlands comics.)

I'm busy working up a playtest document for Regency/Gothic, so I thought I'd just share practically the only news to come out of San Diego Comic-Con this year that I thought was interesting:

Dynamite Entertainment is doing a comic book crossover starring the Green Hornet and Kato, the Shadow, the Spider, and Zorro (and a bunch of other pulp heroes).


Break out your copies of Daring Tales of Adventure, Ravaged Earth, Thrilling Tales, or your old Savage Worlds Pulp Toolkits and celebrate!

Regency/Gothic 1e: Romance vs Romanticism

The Regency is such an odd time. For most women, we think of Jane Austen. We envision balls and dances, manners, and courtship. Most men think instead of Napoleon and the Continental Wars; they see battle fields littered with bodies and men of the first order rising up through bravery and intelligence. The Regency was much more; it was also the era of the Romantics. In fact, the Romantic movement -- or Romanticism -- was one that dominated much of life during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. However, most people are unaware as to what Romanticism is.

When the word Romanticism is bandied about, most people will shorten the word into romance. And of course in modern parlance, romance is equated to a love story. It is perhaps a drama where the main figures overcome odds to express and experience love. Or there is the romantic comedy; a genre inspired by works like Pride and Prejudice that focuses on concepts of the cute meet and trying, but funny, obstacles that the l…

Rolling vs Doing

This old post on Trollsmyth is in the back of my mind whenever I work on social conflict mechanics for Regency/Gothic.  In my own games with Robin, we barely ever roll the dice -- especially not during social interaction -- but I strongly feel that a game without much physical combat needs rolls for social combat.  Man, the GM section of Regency/Gothic is going to be full of conflicting suggestions...

Trollsmyth: Supporting Not Replacing

New Edge: Beast Companion

New Edge
Beast Companion Weird, Seasoned, Spirit d8+, Beast Master
Many of the great pulp heroes have special animal companions;  Zorro has Tornado, the Lone Ranger has Silver, Tarzan has Jad Bal Ja and Nkima, etc..  These companions are beasts of exceptional intelligence and ability who outshine their brethren as brilliantly as their masters do normal men.    
After a character takes Beast Companion, her companion animal is promoted to a Wild Card.  In addition, the companion beast gains 8 points that may be spent to improve Attributes, Edges, and Skills in the following combination:
Attributes = 1 pointEdges = 2 pointsSkills = 2 Skill points for every 1 point spent Edges are obviously limited to those appropriate to the physical capabilities of the animal.  No animal may purchase Professional or Social Edges (so no chimpanzee Gadgeteers or dolphin McGyvers).

After promotion to Wild Card status, the companion beast advances as a typical Ally (Savage Worlds Deluxe p. 81). 

Tornado (AK…

Quickie Deadlands/Western Equipment Rule

Wearing a white hat adds a +1 bonus to Persuasion rolls.  Wearing a black hat adds a +1 bonus to Intimidation rolls.

That is all.

Plot-Point Advice from In Like Flynn

I'm struggling with coming up with a Plot-Point Campaign for Regency/Gothic.  Here's a  few pieces of advice from eclectic RPG blogger In Like Flynn:

Lessons Learned From Savage Worlds: The Plot Point Campaign... GM Mentoring: The Nine Act Plot Structure as Campaign Design... Isles of the Saharan Sea: The Campaign Arc of Mavarasha...

Happy belated Canada Day, too!

Why not?

While we're thinking about the 18th Century...

Blog of Holding has an awesome post on drow in powdered wigs.  While I doubt I'll ever want to play D&D as a system again, I've always wanted to (and never have) run a drow nobles campaign.


I guess I'll just have to write an 18th Century revolutionary Europe setting when we're done with Regency/Gothic (one where the Illuminati are -- as they were historically -- the good guys).

Magua Fails a Soak Roll

From one of my very favorite films of all time...

Dude shouldn't have wasted all his bennies on Uncas.

Happy Independence Day!

Regency/Star Trek

In commemoration of Wil Wheaton reading Savage Worlds Deluxe, here is an illustration I snagged from DeviantArt of Star Trek Regency-style.

From the works of lamamama:

Wil Wheaton is reading Savage Worlds Deluxe!

“@wilw: Spent the morning reading Savage
Worlds Deluxe Edition rules. It's really great, and I love the design notes.”

Whoo-hoo! Maybe he'll play a game on Tabletop!

Too bad I'm at a wine bar right now and can't properly respond...