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After Xmas Swashbuckling Sale

As a public service announcement, I'd like to point out that -- as of this writing -- the recent Blu-ray release of the 1975 "Zorro" with Alain Delon is $7.99 at Amazon.

And for Zorro completists, "The Erotic Adventures of Zorro" is also available for $9.98 on DVD. You can find your own link for that.

Guess who the patron saint of pirates is?

When the crew is in port during December, they encounter a strange figure at the tavern:
The old man is short – barely five feet tall -- and heavy-set.A white beard frames his fleshy face and laughing eyes twinkle above a broken nose.His knuckles are calloused – the hands of a brawler – and a length of heavy chain wraps around his thick stomach.Three jingling bags of coins are tied to his belt.He raises his mug to you and smiles.
Rugged sailors and crusty pirates give the old man’s table a wide berth.He smiles warmly at the tavern wench who brings his meal and wine and tips her generously from the gold he carries.He says grace and tucks into his hearty meal.
Questioning the tavern staff and guests reveals the following rumors and speculation (one per success or raise on a Streetwise roll): 1.He’s a Dutch pirate – Nikolaas van Hoorn* – wanted by the Spanish for the sacking of Vera Cruz. (False) 2.He’s a slaver; his ship is crewed by the ugliest scum on the face of the earth.(Almost False) …

Half-Told Stories: Bat-Bond

My first blog was over on LiveJournal, a half-baked concept called Half-Told Stories where I basically pitched the ideas for all the comics, movies, novels, and RPGS that I would never really write out into the ether so that they lived on apart from me (in some sense, at least).Some of the half-told stories I’m most proud of are my Batman pitches (including what I still think is a great plot for a fifth film in Burton/Schumacher series) and my Lone Ranger pitch.On the way to work today, an idea of this style just popped into my head unbidden, so I thought I’d start sharing those on this blog too.
The name is Batman… The Batman.
Internet wisdom is that Warner Brothers will be launching a new series of Batman films sooner than later, and that these films will be more “comic book-y” to fit the mood of a shared universe with Superman, Green Lantern, and the Justice League.There will be less “realism” and less angst than the Nolan films, more colorful villains, and a more open-ended approa…

Notes Toward an Imaginary Japan

So, anyway... We launched into the "Grand Quest" campaign outline in my post about elevator pitches -- and then we stalled out.  While Greater Albion is in the shop, we've decided to pick up another of those elevator pitches and go with SEIRYU.
Robin and I are geeks about a lot of things, both together (RPGs, Doctor Who) and individually (G. I. Joe, Jem and the Holograms).  We are both diehard Japanophiles (even though neither of us speaks Japanese).  When we started gaming duets campaigns together in the early years of our marriage, the world of White Wolf's Year of the Lotus was our setting and we played that into the ground.  We have a bookshelf bigger than my gaming shelves that's full of books about Japan or by Japanese authors (like Haruki Murakami), another shelf packed with manga several layers deep, and a shelf that's just anime and Japanese music (mainly anime soundtracks and J-rock, but also some traditional stuff).  Telling Robin that the setting…

Gaming Shelves

So I'm going to jump on the Grognardia gaming shelves meme even though I'm not an OSR gamer.  Sue me.

If I'm going to be honest, my go-to gaming shelf is actually two books that spend most of their time on my coffee table.  The vast majority of my games these days are set in the "real world" sometime between 1600 and 1840 and Pirates of the Spanish Main has all the NPC archetypes, cool fencing Edges, and equipment I need.  Savage Worlds Deluxe is used primarily for magic, monsters, and a few cool new setting rules and modifications. 
That is not to say that I don't have an entire bookshelf of game books, because of course I do.

I store my Savage Worlds materials, my "Order of the Stick" books, and "A Touch of Evil" on top of the bookcase in easy reach.

The top shelf is dedicated to White Wolf games.  We have the entire run of "Kindred of the East" books but have never actually run a game.  We've got more "Changeling:…