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A Daughter of Gascony -- Musketeer Mashup

The Sengoku Jidai/Kaiju Eiga duet campaign came to an abrupt halt when our heroine (O-Kami, Empress of Japan) blew up the occupying Mongol army with her giant monsters and there was nothing left to do except live happily ever after.
So we’ve finally started an honest-to-goodness musketeer campaign.
“Finally?” you might ask.Yes, I have never actually run a game set in seventeenth century France.Most of my swashbuckling has been in the eighteenth century and concentrated more on the English-speaking world or been set in the Forgotten Realms.Even though I borrowed images from "Revenge of the Musketeers" to illustrate “Le Vin Et La Vie,” the game was officially set in the mid-eighteenth century and reflected more of those concerns (revolution, alchemy, Casanova).This is the first time we’re doing a straightforward D’Artagnan romances knockoff.
Well, maybe “straightforward” isn’t quite the right word.
The game system is Honor + Intrigue, core conceits of the campaign world are t…

I see a zombie monkey

Seriously, I looked at these clouds and saw Jack the undead monkey from Pirates of the Caribbean.

I am so weird.

Pirates of the Spanish Main Session Report 8

The most recent Pirates of the Spanish Main game was fast, furious, and fun – which is ironic, because it was the first session of my Frankengame, Savages + Intrigue, and I really didn’t expect a half-assed house rule to work so well.  Converting characters to Careers instead of Skills took about ten minutes or so (everyone had really strong ideas about their characters’ back stories) and then we jumped into exploring the mystery of the walking crocodiles in the Cayman Islands. 

The crew this time was Nana, Elias, Silas, the Mad Arab (who is neither mad nor an Arab), and Kit; Brother Seamus was technically there, but he was trying hard to hide.  I have to admit that the actual events of that session are a blur.  I was not drinking, but I was in the last stages of recovering from near-pneumonia and my memories are a bit blurred by codeine.  Plus, I kept throwing in flashbacks when I realized I should have done some more explication.

They began the game in with the first cooperative s…

The Duellists and White Zombie now on Blu-Ray

Bonus Savage Worlds content follows...

To my shame, I must admit that I have never seen "The Duellists," Ridley Scott's premiere feature film based on a Joseph Conrad story of the same name.  Not only is it a movie revolving around swordfights, it's a movie about swordfights in the Napoleonic Wars (AKA the Regency Era).  I no longer have any excuse, as the film has just been re-released on Blu-ray.  If you're not as convinced as I am that this is a must buy, check out this review from Black Gate -- "Adventure on Film: The Duellists" -- or check out the original trailer.

I have, on the other hand, seen the classic Bela Lugosi film "White Zombie."      
I'm not fond of the George Romero "Living Dead" cannibal corpses, but I love the spooky enslaved dead of classic Voodoo legend.  There's nothing that creeps me out more than the idea of losing one's will, and this classic film from 1932 plays right into that.  Don't ju…