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Pirates of the Spanish Main Session Report 10

The most recent session was played after a trip to the wineries of the Texas Hill Country, so the whole gang wasn't there because the whole gang doesn't drink.  I feel slightly bad about this.  The player characters in attendance were Nana, Elias, Silas, the Mad Arab, and my GM PC Kit Rackham.  Kit sat out most of the action (as a good GM PC ought to) so I won't bother to mention him any more.

The crew learned last time that the evil snake man they had brought to Tortuga had corrupted the pirate brotherhood by tempting them into worshiping the vile serpent god Set (herein played pretty explicitly as Robert E. Howard's Hyborian Age Set and not the real-world Egyptian god).  Captain Blackheart had declared himself king of the pirates, Ben Franklin clone Richard Poore had built himself a big Frankenstein-looking tower, and the majority of the pirates had joined the cult.  The crews' anarcho-syndicalist commune sugarcane plantation was safe, but there was a lot of pres…