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Halloween Link: P. N. Elrod's "Quincey Morris, Vampire"

I have, unfortunately, been too busy with work over the last couple of days to write up a proper Halloween post of my own.  (Thankfully, said work has given me plenty of time to think about The King is Dead and I feel a renewed dedication to that project.)  So instead I offer a link to P. N. Elrod's website and an excerpt from her novel: Quincey Morris, Vampire.

Quincey P. Morris is the character almost everybody except Francis Ford Coppola likes to leave out of their Dracula adaptations.  I can almost understand why; it's a little weird that there's a Texan cowboy running around this Gothic horror novel, but that's what makes him great!  He is so completely out of sync with the rest of the novel.  I mean, he dies in a knife-fight with the king of the vampires!  How awesome is that?

(Someday I want to write an ass-kicking rewrite of Dracula in the vein of those sexed-up versions of Pride and Prejudice and Wuthering Heights -- a version that shows Van Helsing as a comp…

The King is Dead: Some Edges

Blood Immunity Weird, Novice You are immune to the effects of drinking vampire and dunpeal blood.You cannot gain any boost to Strength and Vigor from drinking it, but you also cannot become addicted to it as is the fate of most moroi.
Eureka! Professional, Legendary, AB: Weird Science, Knowledge (Science) d10+, Weird Science d10+. Your experiments in harnessing the powers of science have tamed one of your wild experiments into a practical, replicable form.One of your inventions can now be manufactured as a mundane device.Building such devices costs $500 for each power point of the invention; how much you choose to sell them for is entirely up to you.
No Scent Weird, Novice You produce no body odor, no matter how odiferous your diet.This allows you to consume garlic – making the taste of your blood repellant to vampires -- without giving away your intent.Not having any body odor, however, is actually subtly off-putting to most people; you suffer a -1 to Charisma.
Persuasive Social, Heroic, C…

I wrote a wine post

Robin's been busy, so I pitched in today at Vitis Poema.

My RPG Person Profile

RPG Person Profile
As started by Zak S. (but which I stole from Lowell Francis)
I'm currently running (at home): A duet playtest of my Savage Worlds setting The King is Dead.
Tabletop RPGs I'm currently playing (at home) include:Play, moi?I’m always a GM, never a player.
I'm currently running (online): Nothing, but I plan on upgrading our online capabilities around Xmastime; I hope to be able to join or start an online game next year.
Tabletop RPGs I'm currently playing (online) include:See the previous answer.
I would especially like to play/run: 50 Fathoms, The Savage World of Solomon Kane, or Kindred of the East (yes, the clunky Old World of Darkness game)
...but would also try: FATE Accelerated Edition, something kaiju-related, or being a player in somebody else’s Forgotten Realms campaign.
I live in: San Antonio, Texas.
2 or 3 well-known RPG products other people made that I like: Pirates of the Spanish Main RPG, the original Forgotten Realms gray box, and Kitsunemori.

Mythos Contest Winner Redux!

Our winner is our first commenter: Dana Fox!

Please contact me via the contact function of this blog or by Google+ ASAP to claim your prize!

(Please make it ASAP!)

Mythos: The Review (by way of apologizing for screwing up the contest)

  Mythos is a great setting to run a high-powered campaign of demigods and tragic heroes.
“High-powered” is an important descriptor of Mythos.This is not a game setting inspired by the old-school sword-and-sandal films of Ray Harryhausen and Steve Reeves.This is definitely a post-300, post-God of War setting with more in common with the 2010 remake of Clash of the Titans than the 1981 original.This is a setting where your Legendary rank character can cause an earthquake to demolish a town or summon a vortex of vengeful spirits to swallow his foes.Gilbert Gallo calls it “epic;” I call it “gonzo.”
The basic conceit of Mythos is that Zeus has bowed to the demands of the other Olympians and declared that – rather than be overthrown like his father and his father’s father -- he will abdicate his throne to the god who gains the most followers in what they call the Heavenly Contest.This has inspired the would-be claimants to take a more active role in the life of mortals and start up …

The Deathmasque: A masked killer player race for Savage Worlds


Perhaps he is a deformed musical prodigy trained in the arts of assassination by an Oriental potentate.Perhaps he is a madman who stalks and butchers teenage girls.In any case, the Deathmasque is a serial killer whose true visage is the mask he wears – a mask bonded to his face that contains the secrets of his powers.

The Deathmasque has been touched by supernatural forces that give him extraordinary powers to invoke fear, but that come at the cost of a literal addiction to murder.These powers may come from a malevolent god or goddess, alien beings beyond our comprehension, or simply Evil itself.Regardless, this evil force has penetrated the Deathmasque’s very soul and placed a voracious cancer of hate at its core.

It is possible, though, for even these terrifying serial killers to still feel love and yearn to be free of their dark impulses.Such Deathmasques may eventually reject the murder-impulse that drives them and tear the mask from their scarred faces, but they wil…

The King is Dead: I'm Stumped

The recent slowdown in posts was caused by a mix of increased job duties related to the government shutdown, an attack of self-pity caused by my fortieth birthday, and a little bit of old-fashioned writer’s block (which is why I happily turned to the interviews for a bit).The first two problems are now past, but I’m still struggling with the writer’s block so I’m putting out a call for requests.
Is there anything you would like me to write about The King is Dead? ·Mallean or Colonial history? ·Details about any secret societies? ·Secrets of the Church of Sathaniel? ·Customs and society? ·Magic and the supernatural?
Seriously, I’ll be happy to give anything a go.My brain needs a jumpstart.
In the meantime, Jack Shear has discovered that Wizards of the Coast already did the whole “tricorn hats and Gothic horror” thing a few years ago.Damn them!  Thankfully, they don't have any guns.

The King is Dead: What I have learned from actual play

Damn, I've missed writing my own nonsense. 

Robin and I have been running a The King is Dead duet for a few weeks now and I learn more about my game world all the time.As I have mentioned repeatedly, I usually just improvise settings and stories.This admittedly makes it difficult for players to strategize and investigate, but I honestly get bored if I plan out too much and Robin doesn’t like strategizing or investigating.I will, of course, not publish a setting that’s 200 pages of “just wing it” in large font (assuming I ever publish this anyway).
Because I didn’t feel ready to deal with the full complexity of vampire society, I decided we would start in the Colonies, specifically with the New York analogue “New Malleus” and a heavy debt to James Fenimore Cooper by way of Michael Mann.Here’s what we’ve discovered in play:
·The colonists of upper New Malleus have a profitable trade relationship with the Six Nations Cruthin.They also greatly admire the comparative democracy of the …

Fae Nightmares: The Interview.