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Accursed: Banes of the Eyeless


Lesser Eye-Ball

Greater Eye-Ball

Lesser Cyclops
Greater Cyclops
Radiant Cyclops
And the worst of them all..,

The Eye Creatures!

Accursed: The Eyeless

The Eyeless is generally considered the least of the Witches of the Grand Coven by those who study that foul alliance.  She acted as the Coven's spymaster, sending her invisible Unseen to infiltrate the Alliance of Light's war councils and her lesser Banes to watch troop movements.  Not discovering the plot between the Seelie Fey and the human armies that led to the destruction of the Djinn was her greatest failure.
How a being so paranoid could have missed such an important detail despite her normal exactitude puzzles many.  It appears she is now anathema to her former allies, and may even be on the run from them.
This suits the Eyeless just fine.  She never trusted her supposed allies; they were always planning to betray her.  The Djinn was the worst; it's obvious to the Eyeless that her supposed death was all part of a complicated doublecross and that the mysterious Djinn was allied with the Fey all along.  Now the Eyeless has returned to the darkness of her caves in o…

Accursed: The Unseen

The Unseen were created by the Eyeless One, the Witch who acted as the Grand Coven's spymaster.  Made permanently invisible by the Witch's magic, the Unseen were used as assassins and spies during the Bane War, and then abandoned to their own misery when the war ended.

The defining power of the Unseen is invisibility.  They do not have any magical attacks or increases to their abilities, but invisibility is an exceptionally dangerous tool.  Savvy Unseen have learned to take advantage of deadly tactics to increase their effectiveness.

Witchbreed Package All Unseen gain the following racial package:

Blank Expression: Just as a character with the Blind Hindrance receives a -2 penalty to most social tasks because the character can’t “read” other people’s body language, so too does an Unseen character receive a -2 penalty on most social tasks because others literally cannot see her expression.  You can’t make eye contact if somebody can’t see your eyes.Invisibility: The naked bodies…

Accursed: Banes of Loki

The Nordheimer mercenaries that accompanied the Grand Coven already appeared odd to the Armies of Light -- their arms and armor were baroque and archaic compared to those of Morden -- so the appearance on the battlefield of men who seemed divided down the middle between armored warriors and primitive savages was first thought to be merely a Nordheim affectation.  The champions of Morden were naturally taken aback when the first killing blow delivered to one of these bifurcated men meant he split apart into two hale and hearty warriors!
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Strength d8, Vigor d8.
Skills: Athletics d6, Fighting d8, Intimidation d6, Notice d4, Shooting d6, Throwing d6.
Charisma: 0  Pace: 6  Parry: 6 or 7 (see below)  Toughness: 8 (2; see below)
Hindrances: Loyal, Vengeful (Major)
Edges: Acrobat, Berserker, Combat Reflexes (see below).
Equipment: Brigandine armor, flintlock musket (2d8, ROF 1, 10/20/40, 2 actions to reload), Nordheim longsword (Str+d8), Nor…

Accursed: Loki the Warlock-Witch

The scholars of Morden are perplexed by the Witch called Loki.Loki’s motivation, modus operandi, and even gender seem to randomly shift from encounter to encounter.The Warlock-Witch of Nordheim is a puzzle to her/his enemies.
S/he is also a puzzle to her/his allies.Loki has claimed to be an extraplanar alien, a god/dess, an alien god/dess, a pair of fraternal twins fused together by an early magical mishap, a cursed prince/ss, and a self-aware fictional character.Some have posited that s/he’s actually a mole from the Unseelie Fae and not a proper Witch at all.Loki has told different stories to different Witches and different stories to the same Witches.
During the Bane War, Loki offered little (apparent) magical assistance to her/his allies.S/he summoned a few frost giants here and a few fire giants there, crafted a few illusions and enabled a few surprise attacks with her/his rainbow bridge, but generally s/he played at being the general of the Nordheim mercenaries.It was only secre…

Accursed: Hiding Ones

Everyone has secrets.  Everyone has dark urges and dirty thoughts they keep hidden.  Everyone has a monster inside.
Loki the Transgressor, the Warlock-Witch of Nordheim, took no interest in the captive Outlanders who formed the initial stock of Accursed.  Like O-koroshi-hime, she (sometimes he) had been recruited by the Crone for the temporal power she already wielded in Nordheim; he (sometimes she) was well compensated with plunder.  S/he reveled in releasing her/his berserkers upon the battlefields and appeared well-satisfied with her/his place in the war.
That was all a ruse, of course; it was just one of the countless subterfuges the Transgressor plotted against both allies and enemies.  S/he wasn’t interested in making her/his own Witchbreed from the Outlanders because they were going to be mere soldiers in the Bane War.  S/he didn’t want to simply conquer Morden; s/he wanted to sow chaos.
When captives were taken from the Armies of Light, when nations fell to the Witches, then …

Accursed: Banes of O-Koroshi-hime

Hungry Mask (Katsuai Kamen) (WC) Among the most bizarre Banes the Murder Maiden has created is the Hungry Mask.The Bane is a spirit of desire bound to the material plane by the mask.Unable to satisfy its insatiable cravings, it inevitably turns to violence; as O-Koroshi-hime knows, desire is the source of all suffering.
The Hungry Mask appears as vaguely human-shaped blob of black ectoplasm surmounted by a painted wooden mask of the Sakuradan theater tradition.Childlike in intelligence but with the full range of human desires, it flits about the countryside seeking gratification.It usually begins by demanding food and drink from a farmstead or village, gorging on what is offered and growing larger and larger.Eventually its needs turn darker and it runs amok in an orgy of violence.

The body of a Hungry Mask is a gooey mass of black ectoplasm; it has the consistency of pudding at the center and fades to ethereality at the edges.  The only solid part of the creature is the mask itself, a…

Accursed: O-Koroshi-hime

The Witch called O-Koroshi-hime has ruled the distant nation of Sakurada for generations.  The Murder Maiden first appeared during an intense civil war in Sakurada.  It was a time of merciless bloodshed; clan fought clan, brother fought brother, for the dubious title of ruler of the isolated island nation.  Finally, there arose an unstoppable general – a man who would use any and all means to achieve his ends – a man in love with murder. 
Ado Naganobu was a man without mercy, a man without pity, a man without remorse.  He killed his own brother in open combat to inherit rulership of their clan.  He married his sister to a rival and then slaughtered the man’s army when his rival was convinced they were allies.  He burned the monasteries of the native faith because they granted shelter to his enemies and crucified the Enochian missionaries for preaching peace.  He introduced firearms to the battlefield, gunning down enemies armed only with bows and swords.  He drank rice wine from the…

Accursed: Deathmasques (semi-repeat)

This is a rewrite of information previously presented as The Deathmasque: A Masked killer player race for Savage Worlds.
When the armies of the Grand Coven descended from the mountains, the Accursed and Banes were accompanied by human soldiers.  Some of the most fearsome of these “mercenaries” were the warriors of Sakurada.  Clad in laminate armor of strange, baroque design and wielding matching pairs of long and short sabers, the Sakuradan forces were fierce and proud opponents.  The leaders of the Armies of Light tried several times to no avail to woo these strangely honor-bound mercenaries to their cause; why they would serve the Witches was a question on many lips.  The answer was that they were not mercenaries at all, but rather the loyal subjects of the ruler of Sakurada – O-Koroshi-hime, the Murder Maiden.

While the Murder Maiden’s greatest contribution to the Grand Coven’s war effort was manpower, she eventually began lending her magical talents to it as well.Captured enemy sol…

Accursed: Banes of Sycorax

Reef Pirates Reef pirates are not so named because of where they lurk, but because their sea-changed bodies resemble reefs infested with coral, crabs, and eels.Despite the parasites that are slowly transforming them into inhuman monsters, most reef pirates cling to their old lives.
Reef pirates are not technically undead, but share many of their traits.The human bodies of reef pirates are dead and so have the bonus to Toughness and immunity to called shots that protect most undead.The primitive nerve structure of the corals and sea beasts that animate and inhabit reef pirates grant the pirates the usual undead bonus to recover from being Shaken, but the parasites are alive and so are susceptible to disease and poison.
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Strength d6, Vigor d8. Skills: Athletics d6, Gambling d6, Fighting d8, Intimidation d6, Notice d6, Taunt d6, Shooting d6, Throwing d6. Charisma: -4Pace: 6Parry: 7Toughness: 8 Hindrances: Mean, Ugly. Edges: Block, Dirty Fighter. Equ…

Accursed: Sycorax the Sea Hag

At the end of the Bane War, five of the thirteen Witches of the Grand Coven retreated beyond the boundaries of Morden.It was assumed by most inhabitants of the continent that these Witches had lost interest in the war and returned to their own domains. While several of the five have indeed returned to their own domains, none of them have forgiven or forgotten the people of Morden.
Sycorax the Sea Hag is able to continue her dreams of conquest in anonymity.Her domain is the sea and all that dwells within it, and so she has retreated to her underwater cavern deep beneath the Discordian Sea.In drowned darkness she dwells, dreaming dire nightmares of plunder and madness.She sends her Calibanoid servants to infiltrate coastal communities, her re-animated pirates to pillage, and her shark monsters to eliminate the recalcitrant.What she cannot have, she will destroy.
The Sea Hag’s natural appearance is a tall and gaunt human woman of advanced years.Her skin is a waxy green, but a simple gla…

Accursed: Calibanoid

Calibanoids are the grotesque fish-men witchbreed of Sycorax the Sea Hag, one of the five members of the Grand Coven who have (apparently) fled Morden.  Calibanoids appeared late in the Bane War during belated attempts by the Witches to disrupt the movement of war materiel from Manreia.  Their dependency on water kept them from having a significant presence in any of the major battles, and some amongst both humans and Accursed even doubt their existence.
Fearful rumor in and around Port Sorrow disagrees.
Calibanoids are amphibious, scaly humanoids with a perverse fixation on breeding more of their kind.  It is conjectured that one reason for their late arrival in the war was that they were not transformed human captives but rather the unholy children of said captives.  Regardless, the “Caliban look” – wide-spaced, goggly eyes and oddly-blotched skin – is becoming more common in the ports of the Discordian Sea.
Calibanoids are hardier than humans and have armor-like scales that can tur…