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Dungeons & Drunkards Collected!

+Charles Akins has done me, +Jens D., and +Stelios V. Perdios a favor and collected our Dungeons & Drunkards posts into one handy FREE PDF! Thrill to Charles' fiction of debauchery gone wrong! Laugh at Stelios' reminsces of debauchery gone right! Learn from Jens' history of alcohol rules in D&D! And... um... read my goofy monsters and 5e drinking rules, I guess... (No, seriously, it was fun and the other guys' stuff is pretty cool.)

Dungeons & Drunkards Part 8: Wine Angel

Dungeons & Drunkards continues! Join me, +Jens D.+Charles Akins, and +Stelios V. Perdios on a drunken ramble through roleplaying. Today I bring you another 5e monster with a drinking problem...

Wine Angel
In worlds where the bottling of wine has been perfected, a new phenomenon is sweeping through the better taverns of the great cities. Tavern keepers are stacking their bottles in towering stacks reaching from the floor to the ceiling; when a patron orders a bottle from the higher shelves, a comely magic-user levitates or flies up to the bottle in an acrobatic display. These performer-hosts are called “wine angels” in reference to the playful celestials that watch over barrel rooms.
True wine angels are a lesser form of celestial, far less fierce and warlike than the devas, planetars, and solars that battle against the forces of evil. Wine angels primarily exists to bring blessings to those who seek to spread happiness, but they also ward barrel rooms from the incursions of imps …

Dungeons & Drunkards Part 6: B-E-N-D-E-R!

Dungeons & Drunkards continues! Join me, +Jens D.+Charles Akins, and +Stelios V. Perdios on a drunken ramble through roleplaying. Today I bring you another 5e monster with a drinking problem...


You’re a "party?!" I love to party! Woo! Party! Party! Party!
– any random bender
Everyone knows of rogue modrons – those natives of the plane of Mechanus who throw off their allegiance to their creator-deity Primus and embrace self-determination – but few are aware that there are rogues amongst the rogues: hedonistic modrons warped both mentally and physically by their selfish desires. The Platonic solids that comprise the core of all modrons’ bodies are bent by odd, non-Euclidean geometry into strange curved and angled shapes, hence their name of “benders.”

Benders rarely pose direct danger to adventurers. Their drunken bonhomie impels them to befriend anyone and everything they meet, so they are most likely to greet adventuring parties as boon companions. Unfortunately, …

Dungeons & Drunkards Part 5: Drunken Beasts

Dungeons & Drunkards continues! Join me, +Jens D., +Charles Akins, and +Stelios V. Perdios on a drunken ramble through roleplaying. Today I bring you some 5e critters with a drinking problem...

Throughout the known planes, humanoid cultures invariably attribute the invention of alcoholic beverages to the gods. Whether it is Aegir of the Asgardians, Alobal Lorfiril of the Seldarine, Dionysus of the Olympians, or Hanseath of the dwarven pantheon, every culture claims a god of theirs invented their favorite spirit. It is no wonder that humanoids impute divine origin to alcohol, though, for is there anything so transformative?
Alcohol can make meek men bold and bold men cowards. It gives wisdom to fools and makes the wise foolish, bestows quickness on some yet makes others fumble and fall, enrages the peaceful and calms the warlike, and unites strangers while driving families apart. Alcohol is a blessing and a curse – the cause of and solution to all of life's problems – and such a…

Dungeons & Drunkards Part 3: Boozing it up in 5e

We will serve no wine before its time, and so it is with Dungeons & Drunkards, a long weekend-long celebration of everyone's favorite legal intoxicant. +Jens D. of the Disoriented Ranger+Charles Akins of Dyvers, +Stelios V. Perdios of The Word of Stelios, and I have joined forces in a pubcrawl through our blogs to talk about drinking in gaming and drinking while gaming. Jens led the way with a discussion of drinking rules in various editions of D&D, Charles continued with some eerie weird fiction,  and I feel compelled to add a bonus post suggesting some rules for the newest edition of the world's dungeons and dragoniest roleplaying game!
Have I ever mentioned that I’m TABC certified? Yes, I have in fact passed the course that allows me to legally serve alcohol in Texas.

I am a fan of alcohol and recreational drinking. That TABC certification means that I am also all too aware of the terrible cost that drunk driving and alcoholism can inflict on people. Therefore, I …

The Fallen Fane of Sehanine

A bit over a week ago, Wizards of the Coast ran a (deliberately) brief open call for adventure designers for the D&D Adventurers League. As I am currently rather enamored of 5e and I'd like to be working RPG author and not just a Savage Worlds author, I went ahead and churned out the requisite two encounters during a marathon brainstorming/writing session last Wednesday.
I envisioned the scenarios as part of an imaginary site-based adventure called The Fallen Fane of Sehanine. Over a century ago, a brutal orc horde conquered a temple complex dedicated to the elvish moon goddess Sehanine Moonbow. The elf noble Duke Avaryll was separated from his wife, Duchess Queliarra, and believed killed. The duchess recently discovered that the duke still lives, and hired the adventurers to rescue him.    
WotC asked for a combat encounter and a role-playing and/or exploration encounter. I hope which is which is fairly obvious; if not, then I really, really screwed up.
Outside the Fallen…