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How to Research the Heian Era the Wine and Savages Way

So you’re thinking about running a game set in Heian Japan… What do you mean “No, I’m not?” What?! No, seriously, dude. It’s awesome! Yes, it is! There’s the glamour and grace of the imperial court contrasted with the poverty of the commoners, the brutality of the emerging samurai class, and the decadence and decay of Heian-Kyo itself. The capital is practically a “points of light” setting in miniature; the imperial palace and the eastern half of the city flourish, but the western half of this same, small city is full of abandoned mansions haunted by bandits, fallen nobles, and worse. Have you even read “Rashōmon?” No, I’m not talking about the Kurosawa film; I’m talking about the story by Ryūnosuke Akutagawa. Fine, you haven’t read it. Whatever, dude… So you’re thinking about running a game set in Heian Japan and you have not spent half your life enamored with Japanese culture – or perhaps you’re going to be running such a game for a bunch of players who have not spent half their lives wa…

Savage Insider V3I2: Uprising

The latest issue of +Savage Insider  is out!

My conribution this time is "The Super-Power Toy Box: Beyond Capes and Tights," a frequently comedic article highlighting how the Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion can be used to emulate other genres besides superheroes. I discuss three toylines genres dear to the hearts of '80s kids -- G.I. Joe: A Real American Heromilitary spy-fi, He-Man and the Masters of the Universeswords and super-sorcery, and Transformerstransforming robots -- with a few notes on other toylines genres. There's also vehicle, a new power that addresses a huge gap in the SPC rules. I was planning on doing some blog posts this week expanding the knock-off settings implied in my discussions of the genres, but GenCon is next week and I'm a bit swamped. I'll get to them after getting back from the convention. I'd normally link to my own affiliate store at DriveThruRPG, but I'm feeling extra grateful to +Vickey Beaver and +Obatron Produc…

Week of Vengeance: HONOR AND DEATH


HONOR AND DEATH A Basic D&D 5e and Savage Worlds
Tournament Module
for 4-7 ronin of levels 3-5 or Seasoned Rank
Avenge your lord. Restore your honor.
One year ago, your master was ordered to commit suicide by the shogun. Your master, Enya no Hangan, was young and inexperienced; the cruel elder Lord Kô no Moronō played on your master’s naiveté and humiliated Lord Enya in front of the court. Enraged, Lord Hangan drew his sword and attacked Lord Kô in the shogun’s presence. Such disrespect – such endangerment of the shogun – could not go unpunished. Enya no Hangan was ordered to commit suicide, his lands were forfeited to Kô no Moronō, and you – his retainers – were made masterless ronin. You cannot fault the shogun for enforcing the law, but you can revenge yourselves on the one who twisted the law to his advantage. You have trained and waited for a year, luring Kô no Moronō into a false sense of security. Now, on a moonless winter night, you have gathered to attack Lord Kô’s mansion…