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The Olympus, Inc. Kickstarter is Live!

A shadow war lurks just out of mankind’s sight – an ancient war dating back to before the gods first shaped man out of clay. 
Banished to the edges of human consciousness by the primordial Gaia, the Olympians – the gods of Greek mythology – fight an ongoing battle against the monstrous Titans. Their soldiers are demigods, the superhuman descendants of dalliances between mortals and gods. Their battleground is the glass and steel towers, the boardrooms and development labs of the corporate world. 
The shadow war hides in plain sight behind the façade of Olympus, Inc.
Earlier today, John Dunn declared that Bone and Barrow – my part of the Accursed: World of Morden Kickstarter – was effectively funded. If you’re a backer, you can already download the working draft of my chapter. (Please do; I’d love some feedback!) With that safely completed (but please keep on contributing so we can hit all the stretch goals), I’d like to plug the next Kickstarter with which I’m involved.
Olympus, Inc.

Accursed Update (and Something You Won't Find in the Book!)

The Accursed: World of Morden Kickstarter has hit its mid-campaign doldrums, and John Dunn and Melior Via want to give it a shot in the arm. To that end, they're knocking down the funding levels on the main stretch goals for this weekend only! As John writes:
Our goals for Accursed World of Morden are well calculated. Artwork for each book costs us about $1200. Writing and editing costs us about the same. Kickstarter takes ~10%, and we need to pay for the prints and mailing costs for backers who are getting print costs (as well as backers at premium levels). The $3000.00 figure is a pretty accurate number at the end of the day.
But, we've actually fronted a fair bit of that money already. And we really want to be able to justify creating all three of those PDFs as well as delivering the 120 page book to you (as opposed to the 60 page book we've funded so far). So, I'd like to try to incentivize things a little bit for the backers already on board as well as those consid…

Support the ACCURSED: WORLD OF MORDEN Kickstarter!

A while back, I received an email from John Dunn (head honcho at Melior Via) asking me if I would be interested I writing for Accursed, their Savage Worlds setting of Gothic action-adventure. Given that I practically wrote a fan supplement already, I immediately and enthusiastically said "yes."
Just a day ago, Melior Via launched the Kickstarter for Accursed: World of Morden, a series of setting books to expand the tantalizingly brief world-building material found in the Accursed core book. I've already read Frost and Fang, the first book in the series, and I can tell you that the new setting material is informative without being encyclopedic, expansive without being intrusive. There's great new Edges and evocative Hindrances for players and wickedly awesome new Banes for Game Masters. The only complaint I ever had with Accursed was difficulty getting a real sense of the world, and the Accursed: World of Morden series will fix that very quickly. 
My assignment, shou…