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Champion of the People Adventure Generator (System Neutral)

For someone who likes Zorro and Robin Hood as much as I do, I suck at coming up with plots for characters like that on the fly. I should have written this for myself way back at the beginning of my Savage 7th Sea campaign instead of now that it’s on its way to wrapping up and Robin’s lowborn swordswoman has discovered she’s actually Queen Elaine’s long-lost child (screw canon). Oh, well... Maybe Robin can use it when I eventually talk her into running a Zorro campaign for me.
Champion of the People Adventure Generator
Whether riding masked across the California hills or hiding hooded in England’s greenwood, a Champion of the People stands apart from other swashbuckling heroes because he defends a population or area rather than acting as an agent of authority (like Dumas’ Musketeers) or seeking fame and fortune (such as most pirate protagonists). The following tables present random elements that can be combined to inspire game masters running such campaigns.
Because Champions of the Peopl…