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PAX South 2017

Scheduling conflicts turned attending PAX South 2017 into a minor fiasco. While Robin and I enjoyed what we could, the time we spent downtown at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center functioned better as a reconnaissance mission for next year than it did as a weekend’s entertainment in its own right.

The bigger scheduling problem was that Robin teaches late Friday afternoon and Saturday morning classes this year, and so she wound up missing over half of the convention. The other scheduling problem was that Trace Beaulieu and Frank Conniff of Mystery Science Theater 3000 were in San Antonio on Saturday night for their The Mads Are Back live tour, and there was no way we were missing that. (Honestly, if we had known way back when we bought our PAX badges that Trace and Frank were going to be in town, we probably would have bought only single-day passes.) Thankfully, the live riffing show interfered more with afterhours options than with convention attendance; we had to give up a night …

The King is Dead: DHAMPIR

The King is Dead: DHAMPIR
The second The King is Dead adventure (which was supposed to be the first) is now available!

In an 18th century that never was, the island nation of Malleus writhes under the thumb of an aristocracy of vampires. A coalition of secret societies fights from the shadows to drag theses oppressors burning into the light, but the alliance is young and in dire need of a weapon that can turn the tide against the vampires and their forces.

Word comes to a cabal of heroes that Lady Clarimonde yearns for freedom from the tyranny of her debauched and cruel father, the Baron Drachenholm. Thankfully for her, she possesses the means to pay for her freedom: the Sanguinem Maledicta, a cure for the curse of vampirism!

The heroes must dare the deadly labyrinth of Mallean high society to discretely win the lady her freedom – but can they trust Lady Clarimonde herself? She is, after all, no human gentlewoman but rather the child of mortal and undead – a DHAMPIR! New Hindrances!New Edg…

Musings on a Gail Carriger-Inspired New Campaign

Well, our most recent duet campaign was abruptly euthanized last night after lingering in terminal doldrums for several weeks. I wanted the next campaign Robin and I were going to play to be Blue Rose AGE, but Robin likes to have physical books on hand when we play in established game worlds and we haven’t received that from the Kickstarter yet. Instead, it’s time for another hastily-improvised original setting: a knock-off of Gail Carriger’s Parasol Protectorate universe. I’ve only read half of Soulless, the first book in the series, while Robin has read the original five volumes, the Finishing School YA spin-off, the published volumes of the sequel Custard Protocol series, and the novellas set in the same world. I don’t feel intimidated by this; my reaction when reading Soulless was “I could have written this” – but not in a dismissive way. Rather, I found the book to be surprisingly in line with my own sense of humor and world-building; this did, admittedly, disincline me from read…

Five Years


I can’t believe it’s been five years since I started Wine and Savages.

In some ways, it feels like less time has passed; in others, more. Personal tragedies and triumphs, vocational wins and losses, have added up to things often feeling like I’m taking one step forward and two steps back every day. It’s undeniable that I’m in a different place right now.

My name is known to some of the brightest lights in the industry. I’ve both published and edited professionally. I’ve made a mark; it may be a little mark, but it’s there.

I wish I had something more profound or creative to say, but Robin and I are about five man-hours away from finally finishing DHAMPIR, the second (though actually the first) The King is Dead module. Most of my creativity is tied up in that right now. 

In lieu of forced profundities, let me thank the following:

Robin English-Bircher, for being such a wonderful partner in life and on this blog.

Eric Simon of Four-in-Hand Games, for being the first publisher to hire me t…

Olympus, Inc

I cannot, with any honesty, review Olympus, Inc. I’ve written an adventure for the setting and expect it to be published in the next few weeks. What I can do, instead, is offer an overview of the new urban fantasy setting from Fabled Environments. Purchasing this product – or any products on this page – from the provided DriveThruRPG links helps supports Wine and Savages through affiliate payments.
Olympus, Inc. Written by: Gilbert Gallo and Charles White Published by: Fabled Environments System:Savage Worlds Genre: cyberpunk/espionage/urban fantasy Overview
Thrown down for their hubris by the primordial mother goddess Gaia, the Greek gods have built mighty megacorporations to replace lost Olympus. The Titans oppose them with megacorporations of their own, turning the battle for godhood into a shadow war of corporate espionage. Waging this war are the demigods, man-times-removed descendants of the gods and monsters of Greek legend who have awakened to their buried divinity, recruited…