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Pirates of the Spanish Main VENUS Packages

With the release of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and the impending publication of Buccaneer: Hell and High Water, it seems a good time to revisit my favorite Savage Worlds publication – Pirates of the Spanish Main – and put together some V.E.N.U.S. (Venturers, Experimenters, Navigators, and the Unusually Skilled) packages. Any references to unfamiliar Edges and Hindrances should be assumed to refer back to Pirates of the Spanish Main.

The Nautical Ranks section of Pirates of the Spanish Main also breaks down different shipboard roles and their associated suggested Traits and Edges. Game Masters interested in incorporating Savage Rifts®-style packages into their PotSM games may also consider adapting those sample options as a basis. Master Gunner or Gunner’s Mate Bonus Attributes: +2 dice Smarts Bonus Hindrances: the player’s choice of Hard of Hearing [Minor] and one other Minor Hindrance AND Branded or Vow [Major; serve the Crown] depending on whether the character i…

Pepla (Sword-and-Sandal) VENUS Packages

"The peplum film (pepla plural), also known as sword-and-sandal, is a genre of largely Italian-made historical or Biblical epics that dominated the Italian film industry from 1958 to 1965." -- Wikipedia
I spent some time this weekend re-watching some MST3K Hercules movie riffs, and decided to throw together something for my own amusement. Those seeking something a little more awesome from their sword-and-sandal gaming should look to Mythos from Mystical Throne Entertainment. These V.E.N.U.S. (Venturers, Experimenters, Navigators, and the Unusually Skilled) packages are all thoroughly in the vein of cheesy fun.
Super-Strong Demigod The central protagonists of any peplum tale are inevitably supremely-muscled beings of astonishing strength. Hated by corrupt local rulers for their goodness or cursed by malignant gods opposed to the heroes’ divine parents, these Super-Strong Demigods find their lives constantly threatened by murderous plots and monsters.
The classic pepla of the 1…

Poison Drift for Olympus, Inc. now available in PDF and print!

My latest piece of freelance work is available for purchase! Poison Drift is a module for Olympus, Inc., the urban fantasy cyberpunk setting from Fabled Environments. It combines a couple of real-world wine-related headlines with a bit of Larry Hama-esque military adventure into a tight little session or two of adventure. There might be a bit of weird humor as well.
From DriveThruRPG:
Stop a demigod from perpetrating fraud, our Shadow said...easy money, he said.  No one said anything about a catoblepas! In Poison Drift, you and your team are tasked with tracking down and stopping a demigod that is duping unsuspecting Sleepers. Easy, right? When demigods are involved, nothing is easy!  You quickly find yourselves wrapped up in saving a nymph and dealing with a mythical cow that really stinks. Welcome to Olympus, Inc! This  short adventure written for Olympus Inc. is designed to easily slip into any campaign as a side job or it can be run at a gaming convention or local game store in a fou…

The King is Dead: A Malleus Bildungsroman

Robin and I are trying to get into the headspace needed to finally wrap up The King is Dead and we’re doing that the only way we know how: playing it. All my best world-building either comes from frittering about on the blog or actual play, and I need to maintain some mystery for the book, so actual play it is. This particular campaign is deliberately structured as a bildungsroman – a coming-of-age story – that will see our heroine traipsing all about Malleus as she searches for her place and grows in maturity.  Our heroine is Rosalind Werner, the illegitimate dhampir daughter of a vampire duke; this marks the first time I’ve seriously tried to explore dhampirs as characters and was chosen so that we could see the vampire side of things along with the human. Rosalind was raised in a human household and scorned by her vampire father, so she has little direct experience with vampire high society. Schooled from childhood to contain – even fear – her bloodthirsty nature by a mother heart…

Lupin III: The Revenge of Mamo!

Years ago, Lupin III and gang saved the world from the wrath of Mamo,* a 10,000 year-old mastermind who had extended his life through alchemical cloning experiments. Now it appears that Mamo has somehow returned, bringing with him a plethora of the Lupin gang’s fallen foes and threatening to send the world crashing into chaos. Act I: A Robbery Interrupted The adventure begins in media res as Lupin III [red jacket or green jacket at player’s discretion], Jigen, Goemon, and Fujiko flee robbing the Louvre pursued by Inspector Zenigata and a squad of policemen. Suddenly, Mr. Flinch [Wild Card; as the Super Powers Companion character Knave of Clubs] – Mamo’s long-deceased henchman – and a handful of Fuma clan ninja** [Extras; as Ninja without attack, melee] attack, wiping out the police and challenging the heroes. The Game Master may call for a Fear check as the heroes stagger with the surprise of fighting a dead foe (Goemon is at -2 because he personally killed Flinch in a hard-fought bat…

Lupin III: The Revenge of Mamo! – Lupin III


Arsène Lupin III

Legendary Street Fighter Wild Card (100 XP)

Mystery shrouds the early life of the man called Lupin III, heir to the name and infamy of French Belle Époque cat burglar Arsène Lupin; even his ethnic identity is confused as some sources identify his mother as French and his father as Japanese (instead of the opposite, as one might expect from the Frenchman's grandson). Certainly, a Lupin Organization crime family flourished during the postwar years, apparently founded by the original Lupin's (possibly illegitimate) son. This organization floundered in later decades as the ostentatious burglar and con man Lupin III appeared on the scene, with some informants indicating that the original Lupin's grandson only emerged into the criminal underworld to avenge his family.

If that was Lupin III's motivation, he quickly abandoned it for a life of thrill-seeking adventure. Targeting mainly the corrupt and the powerful (including the occasional government), Lupin II…

Lupin III: The Revenge of Mamo! – Daisuke Jigen

Daisuke Jigen Legendary Street Fighter Wild Card (100 XP) Either a Japanese-American expatriate or an Americanophile Japanese citizen intimately familiar with the USA, Jigen may be the most accurate marksman in the world – capable of shooting another gunman’s bullet out of the air after a 0.3 second quick-draw.. The earliest accounts of Daisuke Jigen make him an operative of the Lupin criminal empire under Lupin III’s father, perhaps even assigned to “activate” the younger Lupin once the Lupin organization was endangered; later recollections by Lupin III and Jigen indicate they instead met and bonded on a job. Regardless, Jigen has been Lupin III’s right-hand man since early in the master thief’s career. Jigen is practical and cooperative, content with his role as second banana. He enjoys the friendship of Goemon Ishikawa XIII and respects Inspector Zenigata’s tenacity. The only person frequently in his orbit that he dislikes is Fujiko Mine, seeing her only as a conniving backstabber – b…

Lupin III: The Revenge of Mamo! - Goemon Ishikawa XIII

Goemon Ishikawa XIII Legendary Street Fighter Wild Card (100 XP)
Though trained in the arts of the ninja by either the Iga or Fuma ninja clans, Goemon prefers to live his life as an anachronistic samurai, practicing Zen meditation and training in the art of battōjutsu.
Goemon Ishikawa XIII originally met Lupin III when the latter attempted to steal the formula for the alchemical steel that gives Goemon’s sword the strength to cut any object; after several unsuccessful attempts to kill each other, the two bonded and became allies. Goemon feels a genuine kinship with Daisuke Jigen, a friendship stronger than his often opportunistic alliance with Lupin. He harbors a secret, reluctant crush for Fujiko Mine – indeed, his self-imposed asceticism makes him an easy mark for any pretty woman – but that doesn’t mean he’s above taking a peep at her when the opportunity allows. He counts Inspector Koichi Zenigata as a worthy opponent, but has no strong feelings for him aside from that.
Relationships …

Lupin III: The Revenge of Mamo! – Fujiko Mine

Fujiko Mine Legendary Street Fighter Wild Card (100 XP) Reason exists to believe Fujiko Mine began her career as the partner of a yakuza assassin nicknamed “Killer Pun,” but the early days of her life of crime were obscured by a case of amnesia and she was already a burglar and confidence artist high on INTERPOL’s most wanted list before she met Lupin III. This amnesia was complicated by false memories of psychosexual torture at the hands of Count Luis y Almeida planted by the vindictive Aisha. Despite this, all trustworthy records indicate Fujiko Mine has always been a crafty and successful career criminal. Fujiko’s first encounters with Lupin III were as rivals, not partners, and their relationship continues to be complicated to this day; despite enjoying Lupin’s romantic obsession with her – and feeling some affection for him in return – Fujiko is quick to double-cross her erstwhile lover when it’s to her advantage. She is aware of Goemon Ishikawa XIII’s attraction to her and enjoys h…

Lupin III: The Revenge of Mamo! – Inspector Zenigata


Inspector Koichi Zenigata
Legendary Street Fighter Wild Card (100 XP)

Inspector Zenigata made a name for himself on the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Force as a hard-edged, ruthless cop. While he pursued Fujiko Mine, INTERPOL recruited Zenigata to head its anti-Lupin task force. Zenigata threw himself into the job, abandoning his wife and young daughter as the chase led ever onward.
Even as he spiraled into monomania, Zenigata came to respect Lupin III and his crew, recognizing that as often as not they stole from bigger (and frequently more legitimate) thieves. He formed a respectful rivalry with the thief, deeply mourning Lupin on the surprisingly frequent occasions the burglar faked his death. Because of the many times they have inadvertently saved the world, Inspector Zenigata has sworn to bring Lupin III and gang in alive.
Zenigata recognizes the unique talents each member of Lupin III's gang brings to their work: Lupin's strategic and technical genius, Jigen's marksman…